(WTRF) — They came in for a meal and a quick bathroom break and came out new parents.

A pregnant woman and her husband were enjoying their visit at an Atlanta, Georgia McDonald’s when the woman realized that her water broke as she went into the bathroom.

On Wednesday, Sha’querria Kaigler, Keisha Blue-Murray and Tunisia Woodward, three employees working that day, heard a piercing scream from the bathroom and another customer rushed to tell Woodward there was a customer in active labor.

Woodward went to check on the customer, and found her laying on the floor, screaming and breathing heavily.

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According to ABC News, the other employees and the customer’s husband rushed into the bathroom to help. Kaigler went to call 9-1-1 and told the operator the situation, and the operator coached them to deliver the baby.

Woodward, positioned on her right and the husband on the left, they held her hand as she delivered the baby. At one point, the woman bit Woodward’s arm because of the amount of pain she was in.

The customer was adamant that she did not want to give birth in a bathroom, and Woodward encouraged her saying it was okay, and that she was going to have a “little nugget” soon.

The labor was quick and the baby arrived 15 minutes later, before paramedics had arrived.

It’s a girl.

The owner of the McDonald’s branch, Steve Akinboro, thanked the three employees by rewarding them with $250.00 gift cards for their Thanksgiving celebrations. Woodward said she plans on spending all of her gift card on the baby.

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Woodward has been in close contact with the mother since the birth and shared that both mother and baby were in good health, reported ABC News.

A baby shower is being planned by the employees for the newborn at the McDonald’s location next week.