BELLAIRE, OH (WTRF) — It started with time-lapse videos on TikTok, growing into millions of views. One Bellaire couple has now caught the eye of shows like Rachael Ray.

Trey and Amber Masciarelli never described themselves as interior decorators but you could now call them experts. 

It started when they bought a foreclosed home. Then the pandemic hit and DIYing seemed to be the only option. 

They got a taste for it.

They filmed for Rachael’s Show last year but with the air date just announced, the fame is starting to set in.

Two years ago I couldn’t tell you the difference between sheen of paint or what the grit of sandpaper was.

It feels very surreal. Honestly it all happened so fast. And then, my husband and I are doing 100 percent of the work. So, when we’re doing these shows and we’re filming and we’re making these brand deals, it happens and then we’re right back into our dirty clothes doing drywall.

Amber Masciarelli, Famous home-flipper from Bellaire

Their home was only the beginning! The couple is currently flipping a Shadyside home that will go on the market in 5 weeks. 

Once that sells, they will turn their attention to 3 other homes that are ready for brand deals!

You can catch Amber and Trey on the Rachael Ray Show Thursday at 10 AM on WTRF ABC Ohio Valley.