SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – Ethan Boyes, a professional cyclist and champion sprinter in the sport, was killed in San Francisco this week, cycling officials told Nexstar’s KRON on Friday.

He was riding a bicycle at 4 p.m. Tuesday when a car struck him on Arguello Boulevard, near the Presidio Golf Course and the Presidio Loop trailhead, according to United States Park Police.

Boyes, who is a San Francisco resident, died from his injuries. His Strava profile shows the professional cyclist regularly went on rides in the Presidio for training.

The SF Bicycle Coalition said Boyes was a well-known and beloved figure in San Francisco bicycling, and especially in the track racing world. “The outpouring of sadness on social media speaks to Ethan’s kindness and generosity of spirit,” the coalition wrote.

“Several eyewitness accounts shared online, which have been picked up by local media, indicate that Ethan was traveling southbound on Arguello when a car heading northbound swerved across the center line and into the oncoming bike lane,” the coalition wrote.

The cyclist was rushed to a hospital, where he died. The driver suffered non-life-threatening injuries, United States Park Police said.

A ghost bike was made into a memorial honoring Boyes. (Image by KRON / Gayle Ong)

Stephanie Wald wrote on Nextdoor that she witnessed the “horrific” accident. “A speeding car heading north careened into the opposite lane and hit a cyclist,” Wald wrote. The cyclist “slammed headfirst into the windshield,” according to Wald.

At the crash site, a white “ghost bike” was constructed to honor Boyes. A community vigil is being held at the crash site on Friday evening.

Boyes held the national record for Men’s 40-44 Sprints. At the 2019 USA Cycling Masters Track National Championships, he defended his title and qualified fastest out of the 200m flying time trial by over half a second. He also dominated his sprint rounds, never losing a ride, according to USA Cycling.

USA Cycling officials wrote in a statement to KRON, “USA Cycling is deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Ethan Boyes. Ethan was the reigning Masters’ Track World Champion in the Men’s 40-44 Time Trial and Sprint events and part of the winning Team Sprint squad, all earned in Fall 2022. In addition, he was a 10-time national champion throughout his cycling career. Ethan currently holds the World’s Best Performance record for Men aged 35-39 in the 1,000-meter time trial set in 2015 and several national records. Beyond Ethan’s athletic achievements, he was an upstanding member of the American track cycling community. His loss will be felt at local, regional, national, and world events for years, as he brought a mixture of competition and friendliness to every race. Our thoughts are with his family and loved ones.”

A professional cyclist was riding on Arguello Boulevard when he was fatally struck by a car. (File photo by Justin Sullivan / Getty Images)

United States Park Police is investigating circumstances surrounding Tuesday’s fatal accident, which unfolded on federal land.

City leaders had previously set a Vision Zero goal to end fatal traffic collisions. San Francisco adopted Vision Zero in 2014, vowing to eliminate traffic deaths by 2024.

Mourners wrote a message at the ghost bike memorial stating, “A drunk driver killed our friend Ethan Boyes.” Investigators have not said whether DUI is suspected as a factor in the collision.

(Image by KRON / Gayle Ong)

The coalition wrote Friday, “One traffic fatality is one too many. Last year, we experienced the most traffic fatalities on SF streets in a decade. This is unacceptable considering that the city’s Vision Zero goal … is just a year away. For years, our members have called on the city to increase safety on Arguello Boulevard between Golden Gate Park and the Presidio. While these proposed changes would not impact the stretch of road where this fatal crash occurred, we demand the SFMTA work with us and the community to implement safety improvements as quickly as possible.”