Arizona dad, Doug Wood, took to Facebook to explain why his daughter’s birthday celebration was ruined because of vaccine requirements.

Wood found out last minute that there was a vaccine requirement for the Olivia Rodrigo concert that he had purchased tickets for to take his teenage daughter and friends to for her birthday.

“Paid over $3,500 bucks 10 weeks ago on Olivia Rodrigo concert tickets for Katelyn’s birthday present for her and her friends to go tonight as I was taking them. They have been so excited including this am as today is finally the day of the concert here in Phoenix,” Wood wrote on the Facebook post.

Wood only took to Facebook after he received an email from the concert venue stating that there would be mandatory vaccine requirements for all concertgoers ages 12 and over.

While most public events accept negative COVID tests as proof, Olivia’s concert would not, reported distractify.

Wood then explained that not only did the concert require vaccination but attendees also had to be boosted.

“Olivia Rodrigo and her ‘Sour’ tour are demanding every 12-year-old girl or guy and older are fully Bull and boosted!” he wrote.

“After some conversations with the girls,” Doug wrote. “We are all on board and no concert tonight for any of us,” reported distractify.

Although Wood’s vaccination status of his or his daughter and her friends was not disclosed, it appeared that they did not meet the requirements.

Wood also stated that he may have glossed over the details after buying the tickets two and a half months ago so it’s unknown if this was originally disclosed to fans or if it was a specific request from Olivia’s team to the venue.

After Wood’s post on Facebook, he then took to Twitter with a video in which he sets the tickets on fire, the caption reading “Take a stand! #freedom #holdtheline #Patriot #USA.”

“Taking a stand for what’s right is never popular and or easy in the beginning especially when it hurts you financially. But it is respected and you always WIN in the long run. Got to stay true to your values,” he said in his Facebook post according to distractify.