(WTRF) — After a horrific tragedy, especially when it involves a school or kids, your child might be scared or confused.  

It can be difficult to comfort them.  

7News spoke with a therapist, who has tips to make it through those tough talks.

What we know about mass school shootings in the US – and the gunmen who carry them out

Today is the 144th day of the year.  

According to Gun Violence Archive, which lists every mass shooting in the U.S., over 200 gruesome attacks have occurred… that is more mass shootings than days this year.  

On Tuesday, 19 students and 2 adults were killed in Uvalde, Texas.  

And just two weeks ago in Buffalo, New York 10 shoppers were shot and killed at a supermarket during a racist attack.  

We see it on social media; there is no hiding from it.  

So, what do we tell our children and how do you explain what’s going on?   

Clinical therapist Robert Bowman says open the conversation, so your child is comfortable sharing their thoughts. 

Share some of the emotions you’re having so that it opens that up to them. Because the things that protect us from these crazy things that happen are our emotions. So you want to open it up so the kids can feel scared, and you can discuss what scared is like so that doesn’t get stuck and so you can feel a number of different ways.

Yeah, they are going to have some exposure to it. You want to open that up. You want to say as a family we can talk about this.

Robert Bowman, Clinical Therapist , WVU Medicine Behavioral Health

He says they may ask questions and those questions may not come until after they have time to process it.  

Bowman says it is best to explain the situation at the level you are comfortable exposing your child to.  

But the open-door policy is highly recommended.