INTERNATIONAL (WTRF) — A new study suggests the link between Covid-19 vaccine hesitancy with increased risks of traffic accidents, according to research done at Sunnybrook Research Institute in Toronto, Canada.

The scientists in Ontario used a population-based study that included over 11 million adults and over 6,500 crashes in their local area. Dr. Donald Redelmeier, the principal investigator and senior scientist at Sunnybrook Research Institute, said his team identified adults who were vaccinated and those that weren’t with the COVID vaccine, and then followed each person for 1 month linking their medical records at hospitals from emergency care needed after any of them had been in traffic crashes.

The study that used a population-based approach, included over 11 million adults and more than 6,500 traffic crashes throughout Ontario.

Their findings concluded that unvaccinated adults accounted for 1,682 traffic crashes (25%), equal to a 72% increased relative risk compared to those who were vaccinated. The increased traffic risk was more than the risk associated with other illnesses including diabetes or dementia.

Dr. Redelmeier stated that the study demonstrated traffic risks were 50%-70% more frequent for adults who had not been vaccinated compared to those who had.”

Using this information his team made the inference that adults who do not follow public health advice may also neglect the rules of the road.

The researchers recommend that individuals who hesitate to take preventative measures with their health realize that their decisions have repercussions in ways they do not imagine.

Dr. Redelmeier doesn’t want to discourage unvaccinated people, but to remind them to drive more carefully. He goes on to say that physicians who counsel patients declining the COVID-19 vaccination should remind them to be mindful of their long term health and not become traffic statistics.

The research was published in The American Journal of Medicine.