LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – A man accused of barricading himself inside a bus on Monday reportedly bit off part of a Las Vegas officer’s ear as police attempted to take him into custody, documents said.

Allyn McFarland, 29, faces several charges including battery, mistreatment of a police animal and mayhem, records showed.

(KLAS photos)

On Monday, March 20, around 6:45 p.m., police received a call about a man refusing to exit the bus.

The caller, a private security officer, said the man, later identified as McFarland, threatened to “shoot and kill” him and the bus driver, police said. McFarland also attempted to punch the driver.

While on the bus, McFarland allegedly “threw rocks and a small trash bin” at the caller, police said.

Officers responded to take McFarland off the bus. During his arrest, McFarland allegedly kicked a police dog and threw a rock at the dog, police said. McFarland also punched several police officers and bit one officer on his ear, detaching his earlobe, police said.

Officers were able to take McFarland, who at that point was covered in blood, into custody after they deployed a Taser, per the documents.

Police later said McFarland reportedly became upset after missing his stop, which was earlier on the route.

The officer who was bitten was left permanently disfigured, according to authorities. Officers did not recover the earlobe in an attempt to re-attach it.

In total, police suspect McFarland punched three officers and spit on three more.

A booking photo of McFarland was not provided Thursday. He was due in court Monday. McFarland was on probation on a second-degree arson charge from May 2022, records showed.