(WTRF) — A hunt for those involved in the catalytic converter thefts uncovered 21 people involved in a theft ring spanning five states, the Justice Department confirmed Wednesday, according to CBS News.

Some of the suspects have already been charged by prosecutors with arrests reportedly coming from New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Nevada, and California.

This was a collaborative effort from ten local, state and federal law enforcement agencies producing 32 search warrants, says CBS News. The investigation seized millions of dollars in assets from suspects which included property, bank accounts, and luxury vehicles.

Among those charged were brothers Tou Sue Vang and Andrew Vang, and Monica Moua who allegedly sold over $38 million in stolen catalytic converters. Prosecutors alleged, that their unlicensed home business operation was in Sacramento, California where they bought the parts from local thieves and then sold them to DG Auto in New Jersey.

DG Auto operators allegedly purchased the stolen catalytic converters and extracted the precious metal powders and sold them to a metal refinery for over $545 million, prosecutors claimed.

Tyler James Curtis, another defendant in the case, allegedly received over $13 million in wired funds from DG Auto for his shipment of catalytic converters. Prosecutors continued saying Curtis also worked with a separate company reportedly reaping $500,000 from them.