Women face yet another product shortage, this time in the feminine care aisle.

According to CBSNews, #tamponshortage is trending on Twitter, with some users calling it the latest “nightmare” for women after the Food and Drug Administration acknowledged widespread shortages of baby formula.

“I thought I was going crazy noticing empty shelves where tampons should be,” one Twitter user said.

Parents, individuals, and even groups that collect donated feminine care products are struggling to find products saying that shelves are “99% bare of all tampons.”

I Support the Girls, a non-profit group that provides bras and menstruation products to homeless and poor women, is currently feeling the impact of the tampon shortage, says founder Dana Marlowe according to cbsnews.

“We’ve been getting requests for tampons, and our warehouse shelves are empty. We are literally down to boxes versus pallets. It’s been very noticeable.” 

The non-profit group says they’ve received more than 213,000 tampons through May 25, making them down 61% from 2020 when they received nearly 548,000 tampons from individuals and corporations.

Marlowe said she’s seen women resort to using the insides of mattresses, cut-up dirty sheets and t-shirts, and cardboard to stem their flows, which health experts say can be harmful, reports cbsnews.

“Periods don’t stop for pandemics,” she said. “Just because there is a shortage doesn’t mean your period is going to turn off that month.”

P&G, which makes Tampax brand tampons, acknowledged the product shortage saying it’s “a temporary situation” and is working “24/7 to meet the increased demand for our products,” reported cbsnews.

Walgreens also spoke on the issue saying that the drug store chain is experiencing temporary shortages in some of its locations nationwide.

There are however substitutes for tampons including menstrual pads, period underwear, and menstrual cups and discs.