WASHINGTON D.C. (WTRF) – Throughout the entire war in Ukraine the United States has been an outspoken ally, giving money, weapons and more. 

As the U.S. prepares to roll out another security package, Ohio Republican Senator JD Vance is calling on the government for transparency. 

He said our country has sent more than $120 billion dollars to Ukraine, but there hasn’t been a record of how it has all be spent. 

Senator Vance feels the American people deserve transparency. 

The worry I have is that we should be working towards de-escalation in Ukraine. I think the posture of our government right now is to escalate the conflict as opposed to de-escalating it and I think that makes the inflation crisis, energy crisis, I think that leads to some risk that we could have a much bigger, God forbid even a nuclear war.

Senator JD Vance, (R) Ohio

Senator Vance said he’s skeptical of the way the United States has handled the conflict in Ukraine. 

I’m trying to be the voice of caution saying what is our policy trying to accomplish? Is sending them unlimited resources accomplishing it? My answer is no. 

Senator JD Vance, (R) Ohio

He is trying to to be a voice of reason in the Senate to make sure we aren’t adding to the conflict.