A Panda Express worker puts customers on blast in a viral TikTok video asking viewers why customers would want orange chicken at 10 am.

In the video the employee says, “Bro, people really come to Panda Express at like 10 am for some of this,” He says. “Like really? Sometimes they even come at 7, 6, when I’m back here doing shipment early in the morning. How are you going to wake up and want some orange chicken?”

According to IMH, in the caption of the video, he suggests it’s too sweet and heavy for a breakfast meal.

Viewers fired back leaving comments asking why the employee continued to work there if he disliked the job so much. His TikTok primarily focused on working at Panda Express and complaining about his job.

“You literally complain about everything why are you even still working there Lmao,” one commenter wrote, reported IMH.

“All he does is whine and complain yet all he does is a post about working there lol,” another commenter wrote.

Other commenters gave the man good reasons why people would want orange chicken before 10 am.

“What if it’s the people that work graveyard and want that for dinner?” one commenter wrote, according to IMH.

“Some start their day early so by 10 am that’s lunch not breakfast don’t be getting mad ain’t everybody waking up at the time you think,” another commenter wrote.

“People work overnight, some people wake up at 3 am and get the day going early,” a commenter wrote. “Young people will never understand”

The man replied to the video acknowledging that his Panda Express location wouldn’t be open without customers.

“Y’all taking it too seriously!” he wrote. “We wouldn’t be open without any of you Lmaoo! Just letting out frustration. We all get it. Also just a TikTok.”