A Tennessee Elementary School principal may not be a principal anymore after a school board recommended the woman be fired for dragging a special education student through the school by his ankles.

The Rutherford County Board of Education stated that Walter Hill Elementary principal Helen Campbell be fired for unprofessional conduct, conduct unbecoming, insubordination, and neglect of duty reported Local12.

According to Director of Schools, Bill Spurlock, an elementary special education student did not comply with what Campbell wanted him to do so in response Campbell and another teacher grabbed the boy by his ankles and dragged him through the hallways of the school.

Child abuse charges were filed against Campbell and teacher Bonnie Marlar but were later dismissed by a judge.

Campbell and Marlar were suspended from their jobs.

Campbell was also accused of trying to destroy the evidence by attempting to delete the security video footage of the incident from the school’s camera.

According to Local12, the board shared stills from the video of the incident, showing Campbell pulling the child by his arm from a chair, grabbing the boy by the belt, then dragging him out of the front office by the wrists to the hallway where they then grabbed his ankles and dragged him from the front office to the back of the school.

One of the board members supported Campbell’s actions saying, “Not one of us on this board have spoken to Miss Campbell. We don’t know the background of this student, we don’t know what his issues were.”

The board member continued to call Campbell a “phenomenal” principal and said the vote to fire her was “disgusting”.

The board did pass a recommendation for termination by a 5-2 vote.