WASHING, D. C. (WTRF)-Hours after President Joe Biden tested positive for COVID-19, we’ve been hearing from US leaders.

Biden is now the second U.S. president to get Coronavirus. 

President Joe Biden reportedly is doing okay.  

But US Senator Shelly Moore Capito is worried the 79-year-old president will get a severe reaction from COVID. She says people 65 and older tend to get a serious illness from it. 

But right now, the White House says he has ‘very mild symptoms’. The President is fully vaccinated and has already received two boosters. The White House says he’s been taking an antiviral drug to help him recover. 

The President is isolating himself at the White House but will still carry out his duties in the meantime. 

“With anybody, news of having a positive COVID test is an awakening, particularly our President. I’m certain he will have the best of care. I understand he’s talking the Pfizer drug to minimize the symptoms. People are getting really sick from it, and I hope the President isn’t one of them.”  


Senator Capito wishes him a speedy recovery.