We’ve been hearing mixed feelings after the Supreme Court overturned federal abortion rights.

Bishop Mark Brennan with the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston defends the ruling, but on the other hand, Democratic lawmakers aren’t happy with it.

While Bishop Mark Brennan supports overturning the ruling, the Democratic lawmakers from Pennsylvania feel differently. They believe in the woman’s right to chose. They argue it not only takes away their healthcare access, but it also limits women to make economically-wise decisions.

But on the opposite end, the Bishop believes abortion is wrong. He says it takes away innocent life, but also reminds us abortion rights aren’t gone for good. Although our federal abortion rights are taken away, some states can still keep those rights. That’s why he says it’s important to continue discouraging abortions and offer financial help to pregnant woman.

“Killing other human beings is wrong, and that includes human beings just getting a start in their mother’s womb . So, I’m glad after 49 years, finally it’s been recognized by the Supreme Court that its wrong.”

Bishop Mark Brennan of the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston

“It’s a travesty for women’s health moving forward. I’m incredibly disappointed to see this right that women have taken away from them after 50 years.”

Mary Jo Daley, (D) Pennsylvania

In the meantime, Pennsylvania Democratic lawmakers have plans to continue defending women’s rights. However, the Bishop believes it’s more important than ever to support women contemplating having a baby.