(WXIN/NEXSTAR) — The fans have voted and the results are in: Taco Bell is officially bringing back the Enchirito, its trademarked smothered burrito item.

The fast food chain recently announced a vote-driven contest to decide which discontinued fan-favorite menu item should be brought back. On Friday, Taco Bell announced that its Rewards members had voted to bring back the Enchirito.

In a post from the Bell’s official Twitter account, the Tex-Mex restaurant said that #TeamEnchirito could begin ordering the item, which will be available for a limited time, between Nov. 17 and Nov. 30.

The item has roots at Taco Bell dating back to 1970, but was officially removed from the menu in 2013.

According to the taco chain’s official description, an Enchirito is a “soft flour tortilla, loaded with seasoned beef, beans and diced onions all rolled up and smothered with its classic red sauce before being topped with melted shredded cheddar cheese.”

The saucy Enchirito was in competition with the crunchy Double Decker Taco. Voting ended on Oct. 6, and the Enchirito was dubbed the winner on Oct. 7.

Taco Bell said the company is looking to embrace past dishes after seeing the “love and passion” customers expressed for the return of the Mexican Pizza, according to press release issued in September, when voting opened for Taco Bell’s app users.

“Nobody gets Taco Bell more than our community so we’re thrilled to empower them with this in-app voting experience that allows them to have a direct impact on our menu,” said Sean Tresvant, Taco Bell’s chief brand officer, in a statement included with the release.

Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza returned to menus nationwide on Sept. 15. Unlike its previous limited-run return in April, the company says the social-media favorite — and subject of a freestyle rap by Doja Cat — will be a permanent addition. The Mexican Pizza was originally removed from menus back in 2020 as many restaurants scaled back menu offerings to help streamline operations during the pandemic.

This past summer, CEO Mark King told Fortune the company had never received such backlash over the removal of a Taco Bell item.