A daycare owner in Virginia is being charged with three counts of cruelty and injury to children after feeding 1-year-olds THC-laced goldfish.

A group of parents rushed their 1-year-old toddlers to the hospital from the daycare after noticing them having uncoordinated and lethargic behavior along with bloodshot, glassy eyes, WBNS reported.

Hospital staff quickly recognized the symptoms and testing had confirmed that the three children had been exposed to THC, resulting in a high.

Detectives searched the daycare facility and found goldfish crackers spilled on the floor which were collected and sent out to be tested. The snack came back positive for THC.

Police confirmed that 60-year-old Rebecca Swanner was arrested, charged, and the daycare center voluntarily surrendered its license, according to WBNS.

Swanner is currently out on a $2,000 unsecured bond after self-surrendering on April 14.