(WTRF) — Parents across the country are facing empty shelves and canceled online orders of baby formula amid a growing food crisis, say multiple reports.

Retailers across the U.S. are seeing up to 40% of top-selling baby formula brands out of stock; this is as of the week ending April 24 from a survey by Datasembly of 11,000 stores, and it’s only getting worse, according to CBS News.

Initially, specialty formulas were hard to find but parents are now finding it difficult to find any baby formula.

Parents are turning to social media, posting photos of empty store shelves and even buying formula from other individuals since they cannot find it in stores or online.

They are also concerned that the media and politicians are not focusing on the baby formula shortage with the same intensity they did the toilet paper shortage, say reports.

Fox Business reports that the shortage began with ongoing supply chain issues, but has worsened due to recalls by Abbott Laboratories following the deaths of two Michigan infants who reportedly consumed that company’s formula.

Some parents are also calling for the Biden administration to address the crisis, according to reports.

Many stores are rationing infant formula

There is even rationing at stores. Some retail outlets including CVS, Target and Walgreens are limiting the purchases of baby formula. According to CBS News, customers are limited to three baby and toddler formula products at Walgreens and CVS, and four items at Target.com

Parents are not only facing shortages of baby formula, but they are paying more for products they can find. Prices have increased as much as 18% over the past 12 months, according to CBS News.

Food banks that help low-income parents are also seeing a shortage of baby formula, which affects their ability to help these at-risk families, say reports.

WJW in Cleveland offers this advice about dealing with the shortage:

If you can’t find your formula

  • Ask your pediatrician for help. They may have samples and relationships with formula companies.
  • Be flexible on brands. Most formula is okay for healthy babies.
  • Don’t water down formula. It can make babies sick.
  • Don’t try to make your own formula at home