During a solo free routine at the swimming world championships in Hungary, artistic swimmer Anita Alvarez fainted and started to sink to the bottom of the pool.

Fully clothed, coach Andrea Fuentes dived in and swam to the unresponsive Alvarez, put her arms around her, and lifted her to the water’s surface, reported Local12.

Alvarez was given immediate medical attention and reports say she is feeling much better.

“Anita has been evaluated by medical staff and will continue to be monitored. She is feeling much better and using today to rest,” said USA Artistic Swimming according to Local12.

“It was her best performance ever, she just pushed through her limits and she found them,” Fuentes joked.

“The doctors checked all vitals and everything is normal: heart rate, oxygen, sugar levels, blood pressure, etc all is okay,” Fuentes wrote in a social media post. “We sometimes forget that this happens in other high-endurance sports. Marathon, cycling, cross country we all have seen images where some athletes don’t make it to the finish line and others help them to get there. Our sport is no different than others, just in a pool, we push through limits and sometimes we find them.”

Alvarez finished seventh in Wednesday’s individual final and is said to return for the free team final on Friday if medical experts clear her.