(WTRF) A young German Shepherd puppy, born with six legs, an extra colon, four testicles, and an extra penis came into VCA Advanced Veterinary Care Center in Fishers, Indianapolis, to hopefully get a miracle.

According to southbendtribute, while veterinary literature shows a few similar cases, most dogs like this are stillborn or die very young.

Anita Horne, the hospital manager at the center first saw the rescued German Shepherd puppy last fall, “He probably shouldn’t be alive, he was such a mess,” she said as she convinced the hospital’s technician supervisor, Gina Elliott, to foster him for what most thought would be a short life.

Despite one of Raga’s penises functioning correctly, his body was sending fecal matter to the other one causing him to be hospitalized on heavy antibiotics to keep down the infection, southbendtribune reported.

But because of Raga’s playful energy and never wanting to miss a beat Dr. Jae Tobias, a veterinarian and veterinary surgeon Dr. Nicolas Vecchio formed a plan to help the puppy.

According to southbendtribune, Tobias said the puppy had an extra bladder, ureter, colon, pelvis, penis, four testicles, and two extra legs that were partly joined but a December surgery took out the extra limbs and pelvis.

Then in February, they began removing the bulk of the abnormal internal organs including the penis and associated urinary tract.

Now Raga is a healthy dog of about seven months and has found his forever home with the hospital’s technician supervisor, Gina Elliott.

“I never really thought of myself as a German Shepherd kind of owner, but he was the one that needed me. So here we are,” she said. “Now I’m a German Shepherd kind of gal.”