BARKHAMSTED, Conn. (WTNH) – Talk about a dine and dash!

A bear was caught on security cameras breaking into Helena Houlis’ house in Barkhamsted last week, roaming around before zeroing in on her refrigerator.

What was it in the mood for? Leftover lasagna from her restaurant, Ana’s Kitchen in Simsbury.

Surveillance video shows the bear, with brightly-colored tags in both ears and an apparent tracking color around its neck, amble into the kitchen and walk straight to the refrigerator.

Standing on its hind legs, the bruin burglar uses its front paws to pull out the freezer section below the refrigerator’s doors, accessing the food so effortlessly it looked like a practiced move.

Taking the bag of lasagna in its jaws, the bear steps neatly onto the extended freezer drawer, using it as a stool to hop out of the tight, open window to the deck.

Bear sightings aren’t rare in Barkhamsted, with 137 reported to the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection so far this year.

Contrary to popular belief, a bear with two ear tags is not a “problem bear” that was tagged twice after repeat-offending, according to the DEEP. In fact, every bear handled at some point by DEEP biologists receives two tags so officials can keep track of the state’s bear population.

If you do encounter a bear, never try to get closer to it, the DEEP advises. Make loud noises, yell and slowly leave the area if the bear does not retreat.

“If the bear persistently approaches, go on the offensive – shout, wave your arms, and throw sticks or rocks,” the DEEP says.