(WTRF) — A woman died and a man was rescued and treated for hypothermia after they were caught in extreme cold weather while hiking, reported the Associated Press.

The couple started their trip on Tuesday in the Utah Zion National Park, in an area known as the Narrows. On their permitted, 16-mile (25-kilometer) hike, the couple stopped about 1.5 miles (2.4 kilometers) from the north end of Riverside Walk, a paved trail.

The man, 33, told rescuers that the weather was “dangerously cold” overnight and that they experienced symptoms consistent with hypothermia, stated the park service.

Shuttle drivers shared with the Zion National Park Search and Rescue Team, Wednesday morning, that visitors told them of an injured man and a non-responsive woman in the Narrows.

The rescue team, upon searching, found the man on the trail being helped by other hikers and transported him to the Zion Emergency Operations Center, the park’s emergency operations center, for treatment.

Rescuers continued up the Narrows and found the woman, 31, near the Virgin River.

Upon administering emergency aid they determined the woman had died.

It was later revealed that early Wednesday morning, the man went to find help and the woman remained in place. Other visitors, wanting to help, administered CPR to the woman before the rescue team arrived, according the Associated Press.

The investigation with the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, Utah Office of the Medical Examiner and the park service are ongoing to find the cause of death of the woman.