Washington, D.C. (WTRF)-As gas prices continue to climb, President Joe Biden has plans to offset costs by extending the sale of ethanol into the summer months. 

But the big question is: Is this really a better bang for our buck? AAA says that depends on several factors, starting with the car you drive.

The good news is E15 is cheaper at the pump. But it’s not widely available. AAA says it’s sold at 2,300 gas stations. That’s about 1 to 2 % gas stations across the U.S., mostly found in the Midwest. 

But even if there’s a station that sells E15 by you, that doesn’t automatically mean you should use it. 

AAA says not all cars run on E15. It works for most conventional vehicles 2001 and newer. But E15 can cause issues for older cars, motorcycles, heavy duty vehicles, as well as chain saws and lawn mowers. AAA says your owner’s manual should tell you if your car can run on E15. 

So, before you drive away after pumping E15 gasoline, AAA reminds everyone to  keep these things in mind.

 “So, it really does depend for consumers on where you live, whether that’s going to have an economic impact on you. AAA’s focus and what our concern is… is that consumers don’t be confused about the difference between E15 and E10, and that they’re aware whether their vehicles can use E15 or not.” 

AAA spokesman Jim Garrity 

AAA says if you put the wrong fuel in your car, you could have mechanical issues over time.