(WTRF) — A Southwest Airlines plane from Houston to Columbus was forced to make an emergency landing in Little Rock, Arkansas after a woman tried to open an exit door at 37,000 feet, according to Click2Houston.com.

Court documents released Monday state that the 34-year-old woman attempted to open a door as the plane was in flight and that she claimed Jesus told her to fly to Ohio and to open the door.

A passenger worked to subdue the woman, and she bit him on the thigh, locking her jaw and refusing to release him. The victim had to place his fingers on her jaw to force her to stop biting.

The victim was treated with antibiotics and hepatitis shots at a hospital and now suffers from PTSD and anxiety.

The woman said that she had anxiety and had not flown in a long time.

There is a criminal complaint stating the woman faces charges of assault within maritime and territorial jurisdiction and interference with flight crew members and attendants.