23-year-old Sarah Rodo is getting all the attention on the internet after claiming to be in love with a Boeing 737 or as she likes to call it…her boyfriend.

Rodo identifies as “Objectum Sexual,” meaning that she is sexually attracted to inanimate objects, according to The Sun.

“My plane is called Dicki,” Rodo tells The Sun. “I love everything about him, but particularly his face, wings, and engine — they’re so sexy to me.”

Rodo flies on the aircraft as often as possible and has 50 replica models of the plane including a model as big as her which she sleeps with.

“Some people don’t understand my love but my friends took my coming-out very well and encouraged me,” The Sun reported.

Rodo also reportedly claims to have been previously in love with a train and said that past romances with men didn’t work out.

“I’ve also had two relationships with men because I just wasn’t sure what my real sexuality was,” Rodo reportedly says. “But I soon realized that I can’t feel these romantic things for people – now I know that my sexuality is objectophilia and I stand by it,” reported abc6.

Rodo hopes to wed the aircraft one day but says it’s illegal where she’s from.