WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — According to policek9day.org , Friday, September 1st, is National Police K-9 Day.

It’s a special day to honor police dogs and memorialize those fallen K-9’s who gave their lives in the line of duty.

At the Wheeling Police Department there are three K-9’s.

Ozzy is a two-year-old German Sheppard and his handler, Corporal Jason Martin, work together every day in the department.

Corporal Martin, who has been the team leader for the K-9 unit, says once trained the dogs can do many things to help an officer in the line of duty.

He says some of those tasks include odor detection, search and rescue and they can even apprehend a suspect.

According to Corporal Martin, these dogs are trained at a very early age and are taught to be working dogs.

He says K-9’s are bilingual and learn how to have a superior sense of smell which also helps them to serve and protect the community in which they police.

We all become police officers because we want to help our community but then we can use those tools and those dogs to also help the community in whatever that situation may have been and when we hear that they appreciate it that does make us feel good because, not only do we like working with dogs, but at the same time we’re also able to help the community with those canines and it does feel really good.

Corporal Jason Martin, Wheeling Police Dept. K-9 Unit

Currently, the other K-9’s at the department include Zero and Jericho who are both Belguim Malinois.

Since 2003, Wheeling Police Department Public Information Officer Philip Stahl says there have been eleven K-9’s.