Police warn about child pornography video on Facebook Messenger

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) - Several police departments, including Columbus, are warning users to not share a video that’s been circulating on Facebook.

Authorities say the video shows a pornographic image of a young girl and an adult man.

Columbus police say agencies from several other states have received reports.

After the video began circulating on Facebook, several law enforcement agencies throughout the country began investigating.

Those agencies are also warning people to not share the video because it is illegal.

Memphis police say if a pornographic image shows up on your page, you need to contact Facebook immediately and delete it from your account.

“Sharing said image is considered distribution and you could be criminally charged for doing so,” the department said. “We understand that sharing information sometimes brings a criminal to justice, but sharing amongst Facebook friends is not the way to do it.”

Police say once the image is reported on Facebook, the company will notify law enforcement immediately.

According to Memphis police, the video is being handled by a law enforcement agency in Alabama.

Other agencies, including the Chicago Police Department, have said they are investigating as well. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, social media users began contacting authorities “regularly” to report the video Friday night.

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