OHIO COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) – It’s no secret that schools are a trap for germs, illnesses, and viruses, so Washington Lands Elementary is tackling the problem at the source.

It’s all thanks to a new cell phone app.

According to the CDC, the flu causes more hospitalizations in children than any other vaccine-preventable disease.

The source? Kids who forget to cover their mouth when they cough, or sneeze, distributing germs across the entire school.

The FLUency Health Program is helping to bring those numbers down.

This app makes it so easy to know if there’s strep going around, or if there’s the flu, or if there’s the stomach bug. It just makes your life a little easier because you can see that it might happen to your child.

Brandi Newland, Parent

Parents were given fliers with the option to sign up for free and more than 80 percent of the school now participates.

The app pairs with the Kinsa Smart Thermometer through Bluetooth and lets the nurse know temperatures and symptoms anonymously. That shows what sickness children in each class may have.

You can also log medications that were given, which is really handy if you go to the doctor, you don’t always remember. Sometimes, you go hours after you’ve given medication or taken a temperature. So, when they ask, ‘What time did they take the medication?’ you can pull it right up on your phone and all the information is right there for them to see.

Julie Sturgill, Washington Lands Elementary Principal

School officials said the program has made parents more vigilant.

Making sure that they have hand sanitizer in their backpack at all times and making sure that they wash their hands better at school even though I know the teachers make them and keeping my house disinfected just because you can bring it home to anybody.

Brandi Newland, Parent

It’s also made school maintenance staff more aware during outbreaks about when to disinfect with the county ionizer.

The app allows parents to message the nurse after hours, bringing them comfort because they have more information.

Families felt a little more understanding. I think me being able to get information out there to the families with tips and things like that, and not having to send it home on something that could be thrown away, their getting it on their phone and their able to read it at that moment. That’s really a plus.

Christina Robinson, School Nurse

Each teacher at the school also has a classroom thermometer.

The program is provided each year for free to new families and pre-schoolers entering the school.