Bellaire, Ohio (WTRF) – Bread, pasta, cake…the amount of foods that flour makes possible is endless.

So it only makes sense that creating this much-used ingredient should be as easy on the environment as possible.

That’s where Kocher Foods International in Bellaire comes in, who have just opened a quarter-million dollar mill.

They’re converting rice from a regenerative farm to gluten-free flour, which will be used in all of their pizza crusts at Around the World Gourmet.

They say regenerative practices not only keep the soil fertile and retain more water, they keep carbon emissions to a minimum.

So there’s carbon in the soil. And every time we till up the ground it releases that carbon into the atmosphere, right? So when we’re doing that, we’re not helping with climate change, we’re hurting it. So with regenerative agriculture, the goal is to keep the carbon in the soil.

Jennifer Kocher, President and CEO, Kocher Foods International

The new venture was funded with private funding along with a $50,000 grant from the state.

She says she sees her business as a ‘benefit corporation’, not only for her customers but for the planet.

To celebrate their opening, Regenerative Mills is offering a buy-one-get-one-free deal on all their pizzas through May 4th.