BETHANY, W.Va. (WTRF) – Students at one local college with an interest in the medical fields, now have an exciting new opportunity.

Bethany College recently entered into what is known as a strategic partnership with Northeast Ohio Medical University College or NEOMED.

Candidates looking for admission to Bethany, and students who are already attending, can apply to the NEOMED College of Pharmacy through an early admissions program.

NEOMED is located in Rootstown, Ohio and specializes in graduate education in medicine and pharmacy.

On Tuesday, representatives from the college visited Bethany and held a Q&A session with the students.

Really what we are looking for is, in essence, strong math, science students. Bethany College has a long history, very specifically, in that area and that draws a lot of interest for us.

Richard Kasmer, Dean, NEOMED College of Pharmacy

When we talk about strategic partnerships, we talk about best in class partners and that’s exactly what NEOMED is. So, it did not take long to conclude that we want to be in a relationship with them. We want Bethany to be a place that screams, ‘you can get there from here’.

Jamie Caridi, President, Bethany College

Following the Q&A sessions with the students, the NEOMED representatives were given a tour of the college and various facilities around campus.