BELMONT COUNTY, Ohio (WTRF) — A new coffee shop has opened in Downtown Bellaire, and it will be serving not just customers but also the entire community. 

Community Coffee and Tea held its grand opening today, October 21.

The new coffee and tea shop is a non-profit organization, and a majority of the funds made will go back to the community of Bellaire.

The idea to open the shop came when the Pastor of Belmont Presbyterian Church and manager of the shop, Alyson Farmer, felt a need to give back to the Bellaire community and connect with surrounding communities.

The shop also hosts various ministry events, worship nights, and Bible studies. Farmer shared how customers can help just by stopping in. 

”In the Bible, it clearly says do not despise small beginnings and so we want to start small and we want people to even just if you can just give a cup of coffee, some of that money will go back into Bellaire in some form after we pay our bills and give ourselves a little bit of money to get by, everything goes back into Bellaire.” 

Alyson Farmer | Manager, Community Coffee and Tea

The shop is actively seeking partnerships through local churches and other organizations to help reach the ultimate goal of giving back and unifying surrounding communities.  

You can check out this shop every Tuesday-Saturday 6:30-4 p.m.