GUERNSEY COUNTY, Ohio (WTRF) – A new 911 system in Guernsey County is making it easier for dispatchers, and callers in need of help, to communicate.

It was launched on February 28 and already officials are seeing some amazing benefits.

The Carbyne system allows 911 to see the caller in a live video feed, not just hear them.

That proved its value the first day it was installed when a mother called 911 saying her son was having a seizure.

We seen that he was face down. His head was on the ground. So we knew there could be some issues with him breathing. So with that video, we were able to tell her hey let’s go ahead and turn his head to the side so he can breathe a little easier.”>

Jeff Hannon, Dispatch Supervisor

Behind the scenes we have other dispatchers who are currently toning out to the medical squads, to the fire and EMS.

Kenny Mathews, Guernsey County IT Director

It helps to find people like lost hikers or victims of accidents or foul play, who can’t describe where they are.

The old system was a triangulation where we’d use cell phone towers to try to locate that person and it could be up to miles.

Sheriff Jeffrey D. Paden, Guernsey County

This can pinpoint the person’s location to within a few feet.

It can even help track a kidnapping victim

It will drop what’s called bread crumbs. That helps us with direction of travel So, if you’re in a vehicle and you need help, we can see what direction you’re traveling and what road you’re going down.

Jeff Hannon, Dispatch Supervisor

A person can quietly text 911 instead of talk, in case there’s an intruder in the house.

The video feed was valuable in the case of a crash on the highway.

We were able to shut down the interstate. There was a hazardous materials leak. We were able to get the EMA and other agencies involved with.

Kenny Mathews, Guernsey County IT Director

If something should shut down the 911 center, like an attack or an accident, they can still operate.

If we have a natural disaster like the flood of ’98 when the building was gonna be flooded, we could, now with the new Carbyne system, we could actually pick up, go to another location and answer 911 calls.

Sheriff Jeffrey D. Paden, Guernsey County

Officials said the Carbyne system is intuitive; easy to learn, no matter what your IT IQ is.

As soon as the caller hangs up the live video feed ends. There is no further connection with, or surveillance of, a caller.