Updates for new stores at The Highlands

February 07 2021 06:30 pm

TRIADELPHIA, W.Va. (WTRF) — If you’ve been following the updates on the highlands recently you may have heard about the Highly anticipated stores coming to our area.

Three different stores are gearing up to open their doors to the valley in just a short time. But today the store everyone has been talking about for weeks, Hobby Lobby, gave the area a little surprise…

“Their official opening is August 5 but we’re standing out here and I’ve seen several people go in. So, they’re allowing people to go in and shop a little bit. Letting the cat out of the bag but if you want to come up and get a head start, I think they’ll let you go. Over behind us is Xfinity and Starbucks which will both be opening in the next two to four weeks. Taco bell is already opened. They opened up quietly.”

Tim McCormick – President Ohio County Commission

And people are pretty excited.

“It’s been wonderful. We watched the progress and have come up at time just to see how far along its been. And today we thought we’d stop and see if we can get an early peak.”

Linda – Wheeling Resident

“Well, this is how excited I am. I didn’t wait until Monday for the grand opening. I made sure I was here early today.”

Sue McNally – West Alexander, PA

As if that’s not enough already, the Highlands is also introducing a giant sports complex and a huge home improvement store.  

“The sports complex is moving along very well and we’re expecting Menard’s to be coming in this month. They’ve been calling local contractors trying to get some things taken care of. So that’s a very good sign. And—if no one’s noticed, the lot over between Wesbanco and Cheddar’s has had some work going there. Or folks are getting that site ready for Chick-Fil-A. Waiting for them to come in hopefully this month, also.”

Tim McCormick – President Ohio County Commission

With all these exciting new stores, comes new opportunities for the working class.

“Any diversity that we can get for the folks of the valley is what we’re after. Were also obviously creating some more jobs too. So, it’s working out for everyone. It’s exciting as heck for us because we’re seeing this thing blossom like a big old flower. But it’s giving the people in the valley something different to go to that they don’t have a chance to get to as easy.”

Tim McCormick – President Ohio County Commission

John Tarr grew up in the Valley. He says that growing up he never dreamed we would have a place like this.

“It’s great! Anything new that we can bring to the Ohio Valley is always purposeful. So, the more that comes, the better its going to be.”

John Tarr – Wheeling Resident

“Like the commercial says—there’s no place to shop like the highlands.”

Tom McCormick – President Ohio County Commission

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