POWELL RIVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA (WTRF) — A Canadian nurse says she captured “witches holding a carcass-eating ritual” on a security camera right by her house, according to the New York Post.

The dark tale began when Corinea Stanhope, 36, noticed a dead deer in her garden while she was riding her horse. She decided to set up a security camera to see what wildlife the carcass might attract, but it wasn’t wild animals that the body attracted. Instead, two women came to feast on the carcass, she claims.

Stanhope told Kennedy News that her video shows “naked witches eating a carcass.” 

Stanhope posted the video online and it has gone viral. Two naked women with long black hair, wearing only loin cloths, are seen gnawing on the deer carcass. One of the women puts its hoof to her mouth, appearing to bite it.

Many viewers speculate the women are witches performing a Satanic ritual over the deer carcass as they eat it. Stanhope says she was not sure exactly if the women were  “kissing it, smelling or eating it.” Others suggest they could be demonic Native American spirits such as Skinwalkers or wendigoes.

No matter what these alleged witches or spirits were up to, if was definitely unnatural.