WHEELING W.Va. (WTRF) It’s an Ohio Valley stable and brings joy to families all throughout the holiday season. Oglebay’s Festival of Lights is wrapping up their 36th year of celebrating.  

It’s 6 miles of thousands of lights displaying creative scenes and holiday characters, but it doesn’t stop there. At Oglebay they also have a variety of events for everyone to enjoy.  

President and CEO of the Wheeling Park commission Bob Peckenpaugh says this year was unbelievably successful. Families drove from all over to experience Oglebay’s show stopping lights and holiday activities.  

The success is just over whelming. The numbers are up from 2019 if you look back to more of an average year pre pandemic. Almost 8,000 more cars came through this year than that year in particular. But overall, it’s up 36% so we’re very thrilled with how everything has gone this year.

Bob Peckenpaugh, President and CEO of the Wheeling Park commission

He says generations of families come every year to the festival. For many people it’s become a wonderful tradition. 

Although they keep some fan favorite displays, they like to add and change a few things each year.  

You know we had a welcome tree this year, 70 ft tall tree on top of the hilltop, which I think was really the big thing. It was programmed with some wonderful music and the light show dances around with the music so that was a lot of fun. We added some sound in candy cane lane on the main drive from Route 88 over to Wilson Lodge, that got a lot of fun and excitement.

Bob Peckenpaugh, President and CEO of the Wheeling Park commission

Unfortunately, the fun must come to an end, tonight is the last time you can enjoy it.  

Peckenpaugh says they have a few exciting ideas for next year’s festival of lights and look forward to having everyone back next year.