WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — Parents, students, teachers and faculty attended the Wheeling Park High School Freshman Tailgate Thursday night.

The annual event was held from 4 until 7 p.m. and incoming freshmen and new students had the opportunity to take a walk through the corridors with designated mentors who acted as their tour guides.

The mentors showed the new students how to navigate themselves through the high school.

Students got to hold their schedules in their hands as they went made their down the halls to their classrooms with their parents who looked on supporting their teens.

A nice handy, dandy map was provided to the newbies who say the tailgate event will help them to ease those first day jitters.

Having this event helps definitely all of the freshman to prepare for the first day of school and for this year because it is going to be stressful finding classes, but I’m glad that we have the upperclassmen to help us find where we need to go.

Josephine Khamsoucksaly, WPHS Freshman

I think looking at the school is very overwhelming, but having someone to lead you around who has already done it before is very helpful and it relieves some of the stress of being an incoming high schooler.

Sydney Willson, WPHS Freshman

It is definitely going to be easier to walk around considering that it’s a big school I feel like my mentor was very very helpful already during this tour that I took and I think the first day of school I’m going to be okay and get to my classes.

Jamar Creighton, WPHS Freshman

Also, on Thursday evening parents and their middlerschoolers attended Meet the Bridge Street Middle School Family Night at their school in Triadelphia.

Students had the chance to meet their teachers and see their new classrooms while parents got a peek at what to expect this year in a Q and A type setting with the middle school’s principal and other faculty members.