OHIO COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF)–In Ohio, new legislation just passed to let eligible school district workers carry guns.    

What does that mean for schools in bordering states?   

The President of the Ohio County Education Association told 7News that an overwhelming majority of members of the OCEA strongly disagree with this decision.   

She says they will not let it happen in the Mountain State.  

Jenny Craig says this is a complex issue and it won’t be solved by putting more guns in schools.    

She says this narrative of, “good guys with guns,” has done NO good for many of these tragic mass shootings.  

I think that what we’re going to see with increase of legislation such as that. If we don’t solve the root of the problem and we feel as if our school staff should be that first line of response, I think what we’re going to see is what we’re already seeing across the country. A mass, a more of a mass exodus of school staff, of teachers, of school service personnel of administrators leaving the profession. 

Jenny Craig, President, Ohio County Education Association, WVEA, NEA 

Craigs say that they have done a lot of work in Ohio County Schools to make sure students and staff feel safe and protected.    

 Many entrances have two door systems as well as key card access and staff go through intense training. 

I’ve heard teachers here in West Virginia and teachers that I network with and talked to you across the country that said that they will not teach in a school, not just that they simply won’t carry a weapon. They will not teach in a school or a school system that allows armed staff. An increased amount of arm staff within their buildings.

Jenny Craig, President, Ohio County Education Association, WVEA, NEA 

She says today’s kids are growing up in a world where active shooter drills are a part of everyday life.    

Craig says although it’s important to be as prepared as possible, those drills are traumatic to everyone involved.   

Now teachers and students are being taught to not just hide, lock the doors, pull your shades down. Be silent, which is very hard…Think about what you could do and what your children can do and what you could use as a weapon against an active shooter… Instead of solving the problem and making it harder for people to get a deadly weapon.

Jenny Craig, President, Ohio County Education Association, WVEA, NEA 

Craig also quoted a statistic that President Biden used in a speech just days ago.    

He said that in the past two decades, more school aged students have died from gun violence then on duty police officers and active-duty military.    

Craig says this isn’t a school security issue, this is common sense gun legislation and regulation.