One local teacher has gained statewide recognition for her efforts in the classroom.

Ohio County Schools Spanish Teacher, Amelia Richter, has been named Outstanding teacher of the year by the West Virginia Foreign Language Teachers Association.

Richter has been teaching Spanish in the Ohio County School System for the past five years, and 13 years in the Northern Panhandle.

Richter is a former Adjunct professor of Spanish at Wheeling Jesuit University and West Virginia Northern Community College. 

Richter was a finalist for the award just last year. Richter says her classes involve teaching real world skills, such as filling out a job resume, in a second language.

“The most special part about it was that it was awarded by my piers,” said Amelia Richter, WVFLTA Outstanding Teacher. “Having received recommendations from students, which is really the object of what I do. And though my presenting I use a lot of the student samples, so it’s really a reflection of the hard work they do in class.”

In addition to the award, Richter was named President of the West Virginia Teachers Foreign Language Association. The Association’s Conference will likely be held in the Wheeling area during her two year term.