EAST LIVERPOOL, Ohio (WTRF) — The Columbiana County Humane Society rescued 13 dogs and seven cats from an occupied rental property at 338 Ogden Street in East Liverpool Tuesday, according to our affiliate WKBN.

Officials were tipped off about the squalid conditions by one of the resident’s caseworkers.

Four adults were living in the home at the time the animals were rescued. WKBN reports the residents were warned by officials last summer that they were keeping too many animals.

Authorities found unsanitary conditions inside the home and structural problems that may be related to the animal waste on the floors. The home had collapsing ceilings and floors. There was no functioning toilet and the ammonia odor from the animals’ urine was at a hazardous level, said Toot.

One humane agent, Erica Rice, said that she almost fell through a rotting, spongy floor that was disintegrating from the animals urinating and defecating there.

Housing inspector Kayla Crowl identified the owner of the rental home as Aaron Stevens and said he has 56 active rentals in the city, which Crowl said is a high number for one individual. Toot said Stevens’ rental license will be pulled for the Ogden Street property, which was condemned.

The home’s residents surrendered ownership of the animals, so there will not be a legal hearing, Toot said.

The animals will be available for adoption at the Columbiana County Humane Society in Salem after they are vetted and evaluated. You can contact the shelter at (234) 575-7177 or on their website for more information.