BELMONT COUNTY, OHIO (WTRF) The historic Imperial Glass Company held its 46th annual National Imperial Glass Collectors’ Convention and festival on Saturday.  

Sellers and buyers flooded the museum in Bellaire and the lawn outside where beautiful displays of collectable glassware were being sold.  

Kathy Turner is the President of the National Imperial Glass Collectors’ Society. 

She says people from all over the country come to Bellaire for the glass convention.

In fact they even had a visitor from Canada.  

Many of them are people who were born or raised in the Ohio Valley area, and they’re coming back home to visit for them. It’s a chance to get together, to relive memories, to make new friendships.

We have five new people come to our Convention this year. From Pennsylvania, Ohio and from Arizona… It’s an event where members and other people can come to set up tables in the yard adjacent to our museum and sell glass to the public and to other members.

Kathy Turner, President, National Imperial Glass Collectors’ Society 

She says several of those attending were born here in the Ohio Valley and made the trip back home. 

She said many  members come back every year because they love the convention but enjoy the kind people of the Ohio Valley even more.