BELLAIRE, Ohio (WTRF) – Lt. Governor Jon Husted visited MPR Supply Chain Solutions’s 67-acre transloading facility located along the Ohio River in Bellaire today to express his interest in workforce transformation opportunities in the Ohio Valley. 

In his words, ‘If you want to put in $500 million in fiber, you’ve got to have a workforce to do it, and that workforce doesn’t exist today.’ 

The $500 million proposal, dubbed “Ohio BUILDS – Small Communities, Big Impact – A Plan for Appalachia” would infuse funding into the proposal’s three priority areas of restoring historic downtowns, improving community health, and rebuilding the local workforce. 

Husted stated today that they are announcing the release of the applications for this grant program. 

”The money that we are putting together in the Appalachian Grant Fund is to help local communities have the resources to achieve their dreams. We’re not telling them what to do. We’re saying ‘Hey private and public sector, collaborate on what you need,’ whether that’s in the workforce space, whether that’s in the healthcare space, whether it’s in the quality of life space, whether it’s cleaning up brownfields or whatever it might be. Tell us what you need, and we’ll help make that happen.”

Jon Husted – Ohio Lt. Governor

He says that businesses like MPR Supply Chain Solutions are a perfect example of how necessary it is to provide jobs in manufacturing because the economy is powered by these natural resources.  

Husted says that he and Governor DeWine have an agenda to make sure everyone lives up to their fullest workforce potential.