Belmont County residents react to potential license plate fee hike

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Belmont County residents could be paying up to an additional 15 dollars every year to renew their license plate, but with the trade-off of better roadways across the county, they didn’t seem to mind too much.

7News asked Belmont county residents asked about the potential license plate fee hike, and most people had same response. The money would be used for infrastructure, including roads and bridges.

Clayton says, “I’d like to see the roads fixed, but as long as it’s actually used for that.” Jodi says, “I definitely think that the roads need fixed too, but as long as that’s where the money is going.” Lainie says, “Yeah I think it’s a good idea if it’s going for fixing the roads.” Angie says, “Well if it goes right to the roads, but sometimes they promise to do one thing but then they use it for something else, but I don’t mind paying extra taxes.”

It currently costs a minimum of $34.50 to renew your license plate fee every year. Belmont County is proposing that the fee be raised up to an additional $15 dollars, which would make the minimum amount $49.50. Steve says, “It’s kind of steep but guess you gotta do what you gotta do.” Lainie says, “As long as it was confirmed that it was fixing the roads then yes, I’d be okay with it.”

The license plate fees have not been adjusted in over 50 years. Terry Lively is the Belmont county engineer and he is asking the commissioners to implement the fee whether it be five, ten, or fifteen dollars a year. He says the additional $15 fee could bring in an additional $819 thousand dollars a year.

The county commissioners will be holding two public hearings to see how people feel about all this in May.

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