(WTRF) – We’re barely two weeks away from 2023, and people across the country are doing their best to wrap up the year, including lawmakers in Congress. But what plans do they have in store for the new year?

We spoke to Ohio Republican Representative Bill Johnson about what the GOP has in store when they take the majority in the House of Representatives in January. Johnson tells us that Republicans plan to tackle US energy policy, addressing both the high cost of energy and pushing for policies that will allow the country a greater degree of energy independence.

“Hopefully between stopping the spending, or curbing the spending and lowering energy costs, we’re going to have a positive effect on inflation too; inflation will hopefully come down. But, I mean we didn’t get into this mess overnight, it’s not going to come out easy.”

Rep. Bill Johnson, R-OH

Johnson hopes that Republicans can lower costs, so that American families aren’t forced to make tough financial decisions, like choosing between gas, paying bills or buying food.