WELLS TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WTRF) – At the Wells Township Council Meeting, members of the community brought their concerns to the board of trustees regarding the shooting of a dog just a week prior. 

After over an hour-long executive session, the members of Wells Township were allowed to ask questions to the council – in which their response was that this case is still under investigation at this time. 

There was no comment from the Wells Township Police Department. 

Community members asked questions, but did they feel that they received the answers they were looking for?  

”We didn’t. All we got was ‘You can ask questions. We’ll take care of these questions and we’ll look into this,’ but that’s all we got.”

Donna Wilson – Owner of Opey the Dog

”Well, I’m hoping to get it formally in writing because I am going to email the councilmembers all of the questions I asked tonight and there are, frankly, a lot more. They’re concerned questions. They’re good questions. But, really none of them have been answered yet, or very few.”

Eric Laurine – Community Spokesperson

The Humane Society was in attendance and publicly stated that they are investigating this case, as well, and that the highest punishment for a crime like this is can be a misdemeanor and a $1000.00 fine. 

This is still a developing story, so stay with 7News for more updates.