STEUBENVILLE and YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – A U.S. District judge granted Eastern Gateway Community College a preliminary injunction against the U.S. Department of Education’s cease-and-desist action, college officials said Friday.

In July, the Department issued a cease-and-desist against EGCC’s Free College Benefit Program,
prohibiting new enrollments and causing uncertainty for current students as to whether they
could finish their programs.

Eastern Gateway temporarily suspends enrollments in Free College Program 

Eastern Gateway filed a lawsuit and sought injunctive relief, arguing that the cease-and-desist
action had been taken without affording the college administrative process, and was causing the
college and its students irreparable harm.

The Honorable James L. Graham, U.S. District Judge, agreed and granted the preliminary injunction in the order.

As a result, EGCC will open spring registration on Tuesday, October 25 for continuing students in the program and for new students shortly thereafter.

Eastern Gateway Community College files complaint against the U.S. Department of Education

“Our focus has been on getting answers for our students and employees. We are happy that
students can plan for the Spring 2023 semester and concentrate on their studies,” stated
College President Michael Geoghegan. “The College has our teams ready to answer questions,
academically advise, and help students prepare for their program.

The school says litigation is ongoing.

The Spring 2023 Semester begins on January 9.