MARTINS FERRY, OHIO (WTRF) — East Ohio Regional Hospital has been honored by the Eastern Ohio Development Alliance with the Reemerging Business Excellence Award.

This newly created award was accepted by EORH owner, Dr. John Johnson, and Chief Operating Officer Bernie Albertini, at an EODA ceremony on June 11 in Walnut Creek, Ohio.

“We are honored to receive this award and are particularly grateful to county commissioner J.P. Dutton for nominating EORH. None of this would have been possible without our incredible and dedicated team.”

EORH Chief Operating Officer Bernie Albertini

After closing its doors in September 2019, the beloved community hospital that had been
a part of the community since 1906, was purchased in 2020 by Ohio resident, Dr. John Johnson,
with an ambitious plan to improve upon the former facility and reopen this important
community hospital.

“This community, as well as the broader Ohio Valley, deserves to have a solid community-focused hospital, and we look forward to serving the area for years to come.”

EORH owner, Dr. John Johnson, MD, MBA

As a result of the reopening of EORH, more than 400 employees have been hired
and a financial investment of several million dollars was made to improve the facility and its

Since the reopening just four months ago, hospital officials have announced the return of
various services to the area, such as an emergency room, a medical/surgical unit, state of the art
laboratory services, retail pharmacy, imaging/radiology services, 50-bed skilled nursing facility,
robotic knee replacement services, and a sleep lab.

East Ohio Hospital, LLC, is owned and operated by Dr. John Johnson, MD, MBA, a
resident of Ohio and board-certified psychiatrist. Over the last 35 years, Dr. John Johnson has
started, acquired, and grown a variety of health care organizations that he continues to own and
operate, including one of Ohio’s largest independent behavioral health centers, Access Ohio, and
a 110-bed in-patient psychiatric hospital, Access Hospital outside Dayton, Ohio.

He also owns and operates primary care centers, substance abuse and residential treatment facilities, and telemedicine and healthcare technology enterprises. The Ohio-based operator is committed to returning localized and personal medical care to the residents of Belmont County and the surrounding communities.