Former Ohio Congressman reacts to violence at the Capitol

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Ohio (WTRF)When angry crowds stormed the Capitol Wednesday, no one was more disgusted than former Ohio Congressman Bob Ney.

Ney was Chairman of the House Administration Committee when 9-11 occurred.

That committee is in charge of the facilities and security at the Capitol.

One day later, he called  Wednesday’s attack “seditious.”

It was not a protest or even a riot. It was an attempted coup to stop our nation’s work.

Bob Ney, Former Chairman of the House Administration Committee

He said he does not believe the lack or preparation in terms of security was purposeful.

What I think they’re going to find out eventually is that this was not something on purpose where they said, ‘Well these are Trump supporters so we don’t have to worry about it’. I think they didn’t anticipate the crowd size. I don’t think they anticipated the words said by the President, that ‘the Vice President’s down there and he’s the only one who can change this, so let’s go down Pennsylvania Avenue.’. I think there were a lot of items, crowd size, etc. that just weren’t in the works.

Bob Ney, Former Chairman of the House Administration Committee

Ney said the failure to foresee the need for more security was “a huge mistake, but I don’t believe it was intentional”.

He also said he believes more resignations and firings will follow.

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