Intel plans to bring 20,000 jobs to Ohio.

Early Friday morning, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine announced that the company would be bringing two factories to the Buckeye state.

Intel plans to invest $20 billion in Licking County for a site that will host semiconductor or chip manufacturing facilities.

“Today’s announcement is monumental news for the state of Ohio,” said Governor Mike DeWine.  “Intel’s new facilities will be transformative for our state, creating thousands of good-paying jobs in Ohio manufacturing strategically vital semiconductors, often called ‘chips.’ Advanced manufacturing, research and development, and talent are part of Ohio’s DNA, and we are proud that chips — which power the future — will be made in Ohio, by Ohioans.” 

“We are excited to call Ohio home to Intel’s first new manufacturing site in 40 years,” said Pat Gelsinger, Intel CEO.

They plan to build both facilities by 2025.