STEUBENVILLE, Ohio (WTRF) — The Vatican says there are about 1.4 billion Catholics in the world—and the vast majority worship exactly the same way.

But a significant and growing portion are finding the divine in a different practice.

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They’re leading a revival of the Traditional Latin Mass, which most of the church retired nearly 60 years ago.

Their ranks include the Juventutem-Franciscan, the university’s Latin Mass society…who find that a common purpose unites those who look to the church’s past for its future.

These communities surrounding the Latin Mass are very focused on family and growing deeper in the faith.

Sophia Merrick, Secretary, Juventutem-Franciscan

They had promoted that way of worship every month at the campus parish…until they received a message from the bishop.

He called for an end to the practice on campus, instead directing students to St. Peter’s Church on 4th Street and their traditional liturgy.

Bishop Monforton says it’s an effort to follow what the Vatican asks.

But Juventutem members say it doesn’t fit with their understanding of Catholicism.

He was deprived of the liturgy that’s most worthy of Him, in my opinion.

Scott Ragan, Treasurer, Juventutem-Franciscan

University President Fr. Dave Pivonka released a statement saying he had several conversations with the bishop.

While he says he would prefer to have the Latin Mass option on campus, he’s grateful that St. Peter’s is so close by.

Despite their disappointment, the students say a switch in services can’t shake their faith.

They have a concrete spiritual life that they focus on every day, and that’s regardless of which mass they attend.

Sophia Merrick, Secretary, Juventutem-Franciscan

In the meantime, Juventutem members say they’re petitioning to restore the Latin mass on campus…and keep attending what they call a chance to experience the transcendent.

We’re going to double down on our prayer, and our petition too, I mean, we’re not going to stop.

Scott Ragan, Treasurer, Juventutem-Franciscan

Bishop Monforton has requested an exception from the Vatican for the St. Peter’s Latin Mass to continue.

However, the Pope specifically excluded parish churches from celebrating it in a letter he made in 2021.