COLUMBUS, Ohio – State Representative Ron Ferguson (R-Wintersville) and State Representative Kevin Miller (R-Newark) today announced the favorable passage of Substitute House Bill 392, which will authorize emergency medical personnel to transport a police dog by ambulance if the K-9 is injured in the line of duty.

Current law already allows certain medical services to be provided to an injured K-9 at the scene of an emergency, but Sub. H.B. 392 expands the ability of a medical professional to allow for life-saving transportation of a K-9 to a veterinarian center for treatment.

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“K-9s are an integral part of our police force, so we must prioritize their safety and survival,” Miller said. “I am grateful to the members of the House and Senate Transportation Committees for their help in moving this bill forward.”

Sub H.B. 392, which is permissible, stipulates that a K-9 will only be transported via emergency services if the K-9 is injured in the line of duty and no other human requires emergency medical transport at the scene.

“K-9s must endure intense training before they are deemed ready for service and that training comes at a large expense,” Ferguson said. “As a result, it is imperative that we protect the investment we put into our canines, and this legislation ensures that is the case.”