JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ohio (WTRF) – A man was arrested Wednesday, Oct. 18, after allegedly assaulting an 8th grade juvenile football player at Edison Local Schools.

Chad Marcino, of Toronto, Ohio, was arrested by Jefferson County Sheriff’s deputies Wednesday at his home after allegedly assaulting an 8th grade junior high football player after a game, according to police.

The juvenile’s parents spoke to officers at the scene and were distraught, according to police.

Officers spoke with the juvenile victim and observed a spot of blood on his chin. The juvenile was transported to Trinity West Hospital for treatment.

The male juvenile stated that Marcino entered the junior high locker room and allegedly “attacked” him, banging his head off a locker repeatedly. Marcino allegedly pulled the juvenile up off of his feet as he pushed him into the locker.

Witnesses allege that it took three adult male coaches to pull Marcino off the juvenile.

Marcino allegedly picked up a football helmet after the game, entered the locker room and reportedly threw it at the juvenile then grabbed him and slammed him into a wall.

Officers interviewed coaches and juvenile players who reported seeing Marcino allegedly assault the 8th grader. Officer spoke with 17 players, all of whom are 7th and 8th graders, after receiving parental permission. All 17 said Marcino picked up the football helmet, walked into the locker room and asked whose it was. The 8th grade juvenile victim reportedly said it was his, then Marcino allegedly threw the helmet at the juvenile, hitting him in the chest with it. Players said the 8th grade victim used an expletive directed to Marcino when he was hit with the helmet. Players also say they saw Marcino grab the juvenile by his shoulder pads then slam him into the locker.

When Marcino spoke with police at his residence Wednesday about he alleged locker room incident, he said he picked up a football helmet and asked whose it was. Police say Marcino claims he then fell over football equipment and landed on the 8th grade juvenile player.

Police transported Marcino to the Jefferson County Justice Center where he stated he did not wish to speak further without an attorney present.

Edison Local School Superintendent Bill Beattie told officers on Thursday that Marcino is not permitted on any school district property for a minimum of one year.

Officials say assault charges are pending.